Fritz Hansen Objects

Function, craftsmanship, tactility and beauty

Fritz Hansen has launched a new accessories line, called Fritz Hansen Objects, an attractive series of covetable design items. Should you want some inspiration, holm° has styled beautiful still-lives in the store.

The first series constist of twelve different objects desinged by Studio Roso, Jaime Hayón, Willumsen & Engholm, Arne Jacobsen and Wednesday Architecture. Each of the items in the Objects collection has a story of its own.

  • The mirror is not really a mirror, but a steel plate. An innovative technique achieves a magical rainbow-like effect.
  • The Ikebana vase is designed to pay tribute to the whole flower, not just the head.
  • The Shaker-inspired trays are crafted with exactly the same materials and attention to detail as the Ant chair and the Series 7 chair.
  • The candle holders are modern interpretations of the classical chamber candle holder, which dates back to the late 1700.
  • The Dot stool by Arne Jacobsen has received an upholstered seat made by the left over leather from the Fritz Hansen production.
  • The cushions carries a graphic pattern by Arne Jacobsen.
  • The throws are made of the finest cashmere or Merino wool.
  • The cedar wood in the base of the vase is wonderful to the touch and has a soothing scent. The glass vase is handblown in smoky glass and can be used with or without the base.
  • The elegant, foldable tray table designed in 1958 by Willumsen & Engholm, was originally a Christmas gift for the employees. It's created in molded veneer, which is the same material Fritz Hansen uses for the Series 7 chair.


Fritz Hansen Objects at holm° | Great Northern Indoors
Fritz Hansen Objects at holm° | Great Northern Indoors