Grönska by Ilse Crawford

Grönska by Ilse Crawford for Kasthall

Kasthall introduces a match made in heaven: Ilse Crawford + Kasthall = Grönska. 


Grönska means greenery in Swedish and within this collection, you will find products which represent Swedish countryside:

  • Åker (field)
  • Äng (meadow)
  • Glänta (clearing)
  • Fåra (furrow)
  • Täppa (plot)

Ilse Crawford yet again manages to interpret what is deeply Swedish: the connection to nature, the need to feel at home and the love for natural materials. Bravo!

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Åker Kasthall Ilse Crawford
Äng Kasthall Ilse Crawford
Glänta Kasthall Ilse Crawford
Fåra Kasthall Ilse Crawford
Täppa Kasthall Ilse Crawford