Hemma in Milan

Swedish Design Moves Milan

During the Furniture Fair in Milan, a group of Swedish producers joined forces to show the visitors what it could look like at home (hemma) in Sweden. The exhibition Hemma, curated by Joyn Studio in the Brera district, displayed what is essentially Swedish.

Swedish Design Moves, the management of the exhibition, expresses beautifully what the core of Swedish design is about:

"Swedish design & creativity is driven by equality. That is why we design for the many and not just the privileged few. It is made to be used and used again – not put on a pedestal or locked behind glass.

This philosophy influences everything, from the way we shape our society through architecture and city planning all the way down to the way we dress – and the objects we surround ourselves with. We use design as a tool to innovate and solve problems in unexpected ways for the future. And challenge norms to create a better everyday life for you, for us, for everyone."

Enjoy browsing some of the photos from the exhibition!

Photos: Mattia Buffoli