Iceland X

Fine art print by Robert Kopecky

holm° currently exhibits four beautiful photographs out of a limited series of 11 landscape motifs, which were taken on Iceland by the Swiss photographer Robert Kopecky. Not only will you discover the unique beauty of Iceland, but also how these, partly large photographs wonderfully integrate into a home setting.

"Lines, aesthetics and beauty are his passion, whether developed by human hand or by nature during thousands of years. In his work as a photographer, Robert Kopecky singles out seemingly invisible details and puts them at the center of his art. You might not actually discover them, but you will sense them, as his motifs are often graceful, calm and inexplicably aesthetical. Light and shadow, depth and colours - all these things, contribute to the distinctive beauty of an object, a landscape or a space."*

You can order the photos in the following sizes:

150 X 200 cm
125 X 166 cm
100 X 133 cm
75 X 100 cm
60 X 80 cm

starting at CHF 1'800.

This fine art print is printed on exclusive Hahnenmühle Photo Rag 305G paper. If ordered with a frame, this will include 3mm anti-reflecting museum's glass with a 70% uv-protection and a frame in American walnut or oak. If you opt for a frameless fine art print, this will be mounted on a 1mm aluminium plate. This work is done by the specialist Oliver Bruns in Langnau am Albis, who will also deliver and mount your fine art print if so desired.

All photos are fitted with a special etiquette with the edition's number of the series as well as with its name, size and information about the photographer. The expected delivery time is around one month.

These photos are quite impressive, their degree of detailing is high, and the ambience is somehow magically transported to the observer. The largest motif on display measures 150 x 200 cm. We'd love to show you not only the prints hanging in the showroom, but also the smaller samples of the complete series.


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Iceland X | Robert Kopecky | holm°
Iceland X | Robert Kopecky | holm°
Iceland X | Robert Kopecky | holm°
Iceland X | Robert Kopecky | holm°