Fine Art Photography

The limited edition Iceland X

The art photographs sometimes come across as rough and massive, sometimes elegant or romantic - Robert Kopecky's interpretation of the Icelandic landscape casts a spell over the viewer and thus considerably influences the mood in a room.

The limited art series ICELAND X with landscape photographs from Iceland are art prints in large format up to 150 x 200cm.

All pictures receive a special label on the back wall with the current numbering of the edition, the picture name, the format and the artist info. The fact that the series is available in 5 different sizes means that your favourite subject is sure to fit on your wall. The available sizes and number of editions are:

  • 150 x 200 cm - 5 editions
  • 125 x 166 cm - 10 editions
  • 100 x 133 cm - 15 editions
  • 75 x 100 cm - 20 editions
  • 80 x 60 cm - 25 editions

The pictures are printed on high-quality Hahnemühle Photo Rag 305g paper with a protective varnish and, if framed, are finished with anti-reflective 3 mm artglass (UV 70) and frame mostly in American walnut. If you prefer to hang a picture without a frame, it is mounted on 1 mm aluminium. This highest production quality underlines the impressive series.

For all paintings by Robert Kopecky, an oiled frame made of American walnut is recommended. The frames have a discreet profile and appear even "lighter" due to the white border on the print. Individual motifs also harmonise with other woods, for example soaped oak. Artglass is an anti-reflective, highly transparent special glass for museums and galleries. It is absolutely colour-neutral and almost invisible when viewed at a normal angle. Artglass UV70 is produced in a thickness of 3 mm, with a residual reflection of less than 1% and a UV protection of approx. 70%. The glass is very easy to clean with water and a microfibre cloth.

At holm° we currently have 5 of the 11 subjects in 4 sizes hanging, but can also show smaller versions of the whole series. Discover  not only the unique beauty of Icelend, but also how effectively these photographs can be integrated into interiors.