Wishing we were here

A beautiful image of mount Doulbagorni in the Kebnekaise valley, Lapland, Sweden.

Visit Sweden describes Lapland to a tee: "Northern Sweden, including legendary Swedish Lapland, is unique. Where else can you visit the ICEHOTEL? Where else can you sit around the campfire with a Sami guide, sharing stories of your day’s dog sledding adventure, and sampling local delicacy souvas. Or gaze in wonder at the Northern Lights at the Aurora Sky Station." We would like to add: Where else can you see where the lines in Scandianvian design originates? And where else will you so clearly understand where the Scandinavian relationship with nature comes from?

Go there, on your own, or together with an experienced specialist like Kontiki. You will probably not regret it. 

Der Berg Duolbagorni im Kebnekaisetal, Lappland, Schweden