Meet Icha, Harry, Albert and our other friends from Massproductions

Massproductions might be the only brand we believe you can buy everything from and still be sure to have created a home that is personal and timeless or an office, which communicates your brand affectively and effectively. How can this be possible? The reason lies in the designs created by Chris Martin. Each and every design is confident, consistent and to the point! They are not all versions of themselves nor do they seem to be interpretations of other designs. In addition, each design contains beautiful simple solutions of great quality. Characteristics that we find very attractive!

Massproductions is a Swedish company established by Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck in 2009 and the name "alludes to the beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production. They have a "holistic understanding of the manufacturing process" to "ensure the integrity of their vision down to every cut and bend."

To start, holm° shows a selection of Massproduction's collection. Please stop by to experience them "live", browse them in our virtual showroom or have a look through their current catalogue.


Harry | Massproductions
Albert | Massproductions
Ich | Massproductions
Spark | Massproductions
Marcel | Massproductions
Chris Martin & Magnus Elebäck | Massproductions