only until 11.11.23: quality of life at a very good deal

Topper for free until 11.11.2023

Carpe Diem Beds and holm° will give you the topper for free when ordering one of their box spring beds!

Choose among the following toppers and save up to 25% depending on the model of the bed:

  • Prestige - the basic topper with a Talalay-Latex core.
  • Premium - the conformable topper with fibre-filled quilting and a removable stretch cover.
  • Luxury - the exclusive top mattress with a summer and a winter side.

You can experience the top mattresses at our store and try out beds from the Carpe Diem Bed range. With our longstanding expertise, we're the perfect partner to guide you to your ideal sleeping experience.

Learn more about the beds from Carpe Diem Beds of Sweden, whose beds all carry names from the islands just off the west coast of Sweden where these exclusive beds are made.