Duck and Duckling

Hans Bølling

The architect Hans Bølling has designed a vast variety of art works ranging from small dolls and furniture to villas, living complexes and town halls. Although he originally attended the Art- and Handcraft school, he followed his inner drive and became an architect, graduating from the Royal Danish Art Academy.

Description : 

Imagine walking through the busy streets of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen on a sunny day, with pedestrians crossing the streets and cars rushing by, with no intention of stopping. This is, however, precisely what it did, for a couple of minutes during one memo- rable spring of 1959. Having seen a duck family lost in the city, a policeman found the time to stop the traffic just for a moment in order to let them pass across the street, undisturbed. This extraordinary and beautiful moment was branded in the minds of the Danes. All newspapers wrote about it and no one could forget charming duck family. It is from this event that Hans Bølling was inspired to create the Duck family. The Duck family captures this exact moment, with all of its serenity and harmony and demonstrates the Danish attention to nature and detail with the ability to appreciate small everyday miracles.


Producer: Architectmade, Denmark

Product details : 

Teak wood

Large: Duck (18cm)
Small: Duckling (9cm)


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