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Michaël Bihain

With a background in butchery and carpentry, it seems Michael Bihain would be best served doing creative things with a knife and wood. He ended up studying interior design, though, and now creates furniture, jewellery and accessories, often for private companies and clients. What stands out the most in Bihain’s work is his use of lines and space. He has the ability to make items appear as if they were moving, meaning that his furniture adds a sense of liveliness to the rooms in which it is displayed.

Description : 

Libri can be used either as a solitary shelf or in combination. They can be placed against a wall, back to back or in a row, in order to create a room divider. The Libri shelf has adjustable legs, that can be fitted to suit the installation. Brackets for installation against the wall or for linking shelves together are included.


Producer: Swedese, Sweden

Product details : 

Ash wood in white or black lazur finish or natural oak or ash
Size: width 38 cm / height 227 cm / depth 29,5 cm


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CHF 991.00