The Chieftain Chair 75th Anniversary Edition

Accompanied by a numbered watercolour and first edition of 'Lost Danish Treasure'.

A recently rediscovered Finn Juhl watercolor provided the inspiration for the limited anniversary edition commemorating the 75th jubilee of the Chieftain Chair.

In the rediscovered watercolor, Finn Juhl's intent for the Chieftain Chair's wooden frame to be crafted from the exotic Brazilian wood Imbuya is evident. However, as this wood can no longer be imported to Denmark, House of Finn Juhl decided to produce a limited edition of the chair in smoked oak. This choice not only matches the original aesthetic Finn Juhl envisioned but also mirrors its color expression.

Maintaining authenticity is paramount when Finn Juhl opts for a limited edition of an iconic chair. Crafted in-house in Denmark by skilled artisans, the chairs undergo a traditional treatment process using FSC-certified oak. This process, devoid of dyes, induces a natural color change by reacting with the wood's tannic acid, resulting in a deep, rich hue. The chair is then treated with multiple oil applications, culminating in a smooth matte finish.

Purchasers of this limited edition will also receive

  • a numbered print of the Finn Juhl watercolor, previously unreleased, as well as
  • the inaugural edition of 'Lost Danish Treasure,' a book unveiling new insights into the chair’s design narrative and its pivotal role in Danish design history.

The Anniversary Edition, featuring a smoked oak frame, offers a range of leather options from House of Finn Juhl's collection, allowing for personalization. Prices start at CHF 13,259 and is limited to 366 pieces worldwide, on for each day of this leap year.

At our store you are welcome to experience this masterpiece by Finn Juhl as well as selecting your preferred leather quality and colour.