A masterpiece by Fabricius & Kastholm from 1965

Lange Production was founded in 2006 to reproduce the entire line of the Fabricius & Kastholm duo. Jørgen Kastholm's main requirement was that the quality of the new products would meet the one of the original pieces. Later on followed designs from Grete Jalk, Horst Bruning and Christian Ketelsen.

The company works closely with professional and local craftsmen solely in Denmark and Germany. These craftsmen are specialized in wood, steel and leather, and can ensure the highest possible quality and elegance. Where it has been possible, they have used the original production facilities, methods and tools as from the 1960s, and where it has made sense to develop new technology they have implemented this to ensure a matching or even improved quality of that from the 60s.

Lange Production focuses on craftsmanship and incomparable quality. It is its strong belief, that by being loyal to the original materials and designs, the company can create an authentic brand that defines the aspects of Scandinavian design of stylish, simple and honest furniture – which is functional, durable and completely refined.

Right now, we have the magnificent Grasshopper in our store and later on this year it will be joined by the beautiful Sideboard in a very special olive wood version.

Photo: Robert Kopecky